Mission partners

As a church family we support mission partners working in the UK and overseas.

Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel

Hilary and Marc served with SIM in Benin, West Africa, together with their three children Simon, Benjy and Eve for 10 years. Hilary was working to translate the Old Testament into the Monkolé language, whilst Marc supported the local church community. Hilary spent her teenage years in Yeovil and is the daughter of former Rector of St John’s, Richard Inwood. They have now returned to France where Hilary continues to work for SIM as a Bible translation consultant. Marc has returned to his teaching career, but both continue to be involved in their local church.

Muyunda Simangolwa

Muyunda is a Zambian former “street kid” who was helped by the Street Kids project in Kitwe, which was supported by St John’s. He has been supported by us since then through his training for Anglican ministry and now as a priest responsible for three churches.

Emmanuel Church, Moldova

Through a local link we have established a rewarding relationship with Emmanuel Church in Moldova, where they are striving to do God’s work under the leadership of Pastor Florea. They are currently in the process of building a church and establishing Christian communities in the neighbouring villages, supporting the needy with food parcels and faith teaching.

Servants of the Word Bible College

Our newest mission partners are based in The Gambia, where they have been establishing a new Bible college with the aim of equipping the ministers and church leaders of the Christian churches in The Gambia, through teaching, study and support. For their latest newsletter please look here => SOW Jan2020