Art for CAP

Art for CAP “Online”

Over the last few years, a group of artists has emerged in Yeovil who have donated their art, mostly paintings, and opened three pop up shops in order to sell their artwork on behalf of the Yeovil CAP Centre. So far about £10000 has been raised over those three years. Sadly, because of the Pandemic in 2020, we were not able to run a shop, so turned our attention to selling online.

On the Art for CAP website there will be about a multitude of paintings available from 4 local artists, and we are open to receiving other donations from other artists. Prices are generally between £35 and £350, but we invite people to make offers on paintings, on the basis of what they can afford. All payments are donations to the CAP Centre in Yeovil, rather than payments to the artists for their work.

Please feel free to publicise the website, or the Facebook (Art for CAP) and Instagram pages (David Upton – Art for CAP).

The web site can be found at: 

Please feel free to visit it, and then recommend to others. Why not consider buying art for Christmas or birthday presents, or as a gift to yourself or others.

For local artists

If you would like to support the Yeovil CAP Debt Centre, please contact David Upton. You can do this by visiting the Art for CAP Shop website and clicking on Contact us, giving your email and phone details, and David will contact you.