CAP life skills courses

Difficult family situations can mean people miss out on learning important life skills and confidence at an early age. Yet these are the very skills that could help them to break free from generational poverty. CAP Life Skills draws people together to restore hope by empowering people with practical skills to solve their own problems, make positive decisions, build good relationships, and learn about the love of God.

Our CAP Life Skills group meets weekly for 8 weeks and is run by a Jennifer Matthew, the CAP Life Skills Manager, alongside Jo-Anne Smith and Ruth Drapper, our two Life Skills Coaches. The group is additionally supported by some wonderful volunteers from St John’s.

The aim of the course is to equip people with the confidence, decision-making and practical skills needed to live on a low income. Sessions are very interactive, fun and practical, with the group covering essential life skills such as;

  •  money management and organisational skills
  • cooking on a budget
  • planning for spending and shopping skills
  • home energy
  • health and wellbeing
  • building positive relationships.

Whilst the course is running we also provide 1-to-1 coaching sessions for group members, giving them the opportunity to discuss their individual needs in more detail and to set goals for themselves. Underpinning all of this is an open approach to discussing God’s love, sharing our Christian faith, and praying for those involved in each group.

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The life skills team

Jennifer, Jo-Anne and Ruth

We run 3 courses a year, so please contact us if you are interested in booking a place on of one of them. We’d love to hear from you.